What is FCE?

On March 20, 1968, a group of professional men and women, concerned about the spiritual, moral and cultural renewal of our society, established the Foundation for Culture and Education (FCE). FCE is a charity corporation that seeks to foster the human, spiritual, cultural and intellectual development of men and women of all ages, conditions and backgrounds. FCE places a special emphasis on youth, the shapers of tomorrow’s society.

FCE’s youth programs stress character formation to help prepare young people to become principled leaders and responsible citizens
FCE’s activities complement the role of the family and the school

Starting in Montreal, FCE has promoted its activities throughout Canada over the past four decades. As a result, local foundations have been set up in Quebec City, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary to continue the work started by FCE.


  • Youth is the unique period in everyone’s life for learning the true meaning of love, truth and commitment, laying the foundation of a life in which principles are acquired and lived in all freedom. This leads to real happiness, to living a meaningful life and to building a stronger society in which people are valued for what they are and not for what they have.
  • Parents and educators in our society need supportive organizations to prepare young people for the difficulties that inevitably arise in marriage, parenthood and in social and professional life.
  • There is a pressing need to prepare tomorrow’s leaders to be persons sound principles and moral and thus equipped to make a difference when they assume their role as leaders.


  • FCE complements the work done by parents and educators. Its programs provide women and men with the moral wisdom and intellectual guidance to face personal challenges with an optimistic spirit.
  • The personal attention given in our centres is based on recognition of the inherent dignity and rich potential of each human being. Participants at FCE activities grow aware of their unique mission in society to be carried out in their family life, their daily work and in their social relations.
  • FCE’s activities promote honouring one’s personal commitments, using one’s talents for the service of others and developing such human virtues as loyalty, industriousness, perseverance, friendship, simplicity and good humour. These are the tools needed to find deep and permanent solutions to our society’s problems.